See if your property meets the initial criteria for a complying development where No Council Approval is required.

You may be able to have a Great Granny Flat built on your property without the need for council approval, saving thousands of dollars and months of waiting.

See if your property satisfies the intial criteria below:
Residential zoning
Land size of 450 sqm or greater (total)
Minimum 12 metre frontage
3 metre setback available from rear fence
Main residence is not heritage listed or in a heritage conservation area
Property is not bushfire affected

If you can tick all of the above boxes then please contact us to further discuss your options.  The construction of your Great Granny Flat could be signed off by a private certifier and totally avoid the traditional council approval process.

No development application, no council delays, no objections, no fuss.

This legislation may be repealed or changed at any time.
Take advantage of the opportunity now.

If your property does not comply then you may still be able to benefit from a Great Granny Flat by going through the normal development application process with your local council.

Why No Council Approval?

A State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP) on Affordable Rental Housing was introduced by the NSW Government in 2009 to assist with the current housing shortage.

The SEPP encourages the creation of new housing to meet the needs of our growing population and provides a simple platform for approving the installation of granny flats without a council application for suitable properties.

Read more about the SEPP and the complying development process here. (Opens NSW Government website in new window).

Download the NSW State Government Fact Sheet Here.